September 28, 2009

Area high school football player dies due to head injury

This sucks in the worst possible way...

A 17-year-old high school football player from Spokane died after suffering a head injury during a game Friday night.

Andrew “Drew” Fremont Swank, a junior at Valley Christian School, was pronounced dead at 9:42 p.m. Sunday, according to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Swank was a star player for the school’s football program, which began in fall 2007, according to news archives. The team was playing Washtucna High School at Washtucna, south of Ritzville.

Several kids die each year playing high school football, and i remember recently hearing about a high school coach being put on trial after one of his players died from heat exhaustion. While risk is inherit with the game of football, you hate to see this sort of thing and this should be a reminder to everyone how vigilant everyone has to be about the game of football.

From manufacturers of the football equipment, to the designers that are coming up with "concussion-proof" helmets, to the coaches being very careful about head injuries and teaching the players to tackle properly, to the emergency response and trainers at the actual games making to proper diagnosis.

One thing that really irks me about high school football is when coaches send players back into the game when they're a little hazy after a big hit. After seeing some high school coaches be very, very careful about their players and respecting their health over the results of the team, it only makes the other "coaches" that couldn't care less about a high school students condition seem worse than the scum at the bottom of the locker room showers.

I'm not saying this has anything to do with this death, but Swank's passing should be another wake up call for people around the country.

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