September 28, 2009

Why there has been no baseball posts

Just to calm down all you baseball fans out there...

The reason I haven't been posting about the Mariners and Red Sox lately has been the simple fact that the season for both of these teams has basically been decided. Seattle is not going to the playoffs but have posted a very impressive season - all things considered. However there really hasn't been anything of note to write about them in a while, unless Felix wins the Cy Young.

The Red Sox are pretty much in the playoffs via wildcard, and even though they got swept by the Yankees this weekend it was essentially a meaningless series since both teams are headed in the postseason. Sure the Sox maaaay have closed the gap on the Yankees in the divisional race and with some luck maaaaay have won the AL East Division (we're talking a lot of luck and a Yankee meltdown), realistically that wasn't going to happen. Better to be resting your guys and playing relaxed the rest of the season instead of pushing for the divisional crown.

So once the postseason kicks up, I'll be posting about the MLB again.

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