September 12, 2009

College football google fun!

So I typed in "Washington Huskies fan" in Google images and this came up...

My! Looks like they're really passionate fans, I believe one girl thinks she's in church. The other guy is blowing his nose into his beanie. The guy wearing the beanie below is obviously high and the guy on the left is wearing some sort of weird Snoopy costume.

Then I went out and Googled "Washington State Cougars fans" and this gem popped up.

Scary. But still awesome.

Still not happy though, I Googled "Idaho Vandals fans"...

God bless Idaho.


  1. if you google EWU Eagle fans I bet nothing would be found as there arent any! If you look up Cal you'll find pages of pages of passionate and intelligent students. GOOOO BEARS!

  2. I Googled Cal... all I got was a photo of a bear taking a crap in the woods.