September 13, 2009

What a weekend in college football

I only missed one pick this week in my office's college football pool, which certainly puts a smile on my face. While there's NFL football today, let's take a look back at the games that happened...

Hawaii 38, WSU 20 - The Paul Wulff rebuilding plan is on track! Now they're only losing by 18 points. To WAC Opponents. Middle of the pack WAC Opponents.

Washington 42, Idaho 23 - The Huskies are back on track as well, as I'm sure we'll hear from all their fans about how their team is Bowl bound after defeating Idaho, even though the Vandals treated their secondary like a drunk uncle.

#3 USC 18, #8 Ohio St. 15 - Somebody forgot to tell the Buckeyes that this wasn't a Bowl game. Leave the choking for the end of the year boys!

Purdue 36, Oregon 38 - No punches were thrown.

Troy 6, #1 Florida 56 - The Gators continue to romp through their tough non-conference schedule. Next up - Gonzaga Prep High School.

#9 BYU 54, Tulane 3 - Apparently BYU is playing on the "Freshman" difficulty level in this game.

Miami (OH) 0, #12 Boise State 48 - Think Miami (OH) can lease Big Ben on Saturdays?

#13 Oklahoma 64, Idaho State 0 - Ladies and gentlemen, the Big Sky Conference!

#18 Notre Dame 34, Michigan 38 - Ouch, Charlie Weis' internship just hit a bump.

EWU 7, #10 Cal 59 - I'm going to go bury my head in the sand right now.

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