September 20, 2009

College Football Roundup: Upset Special

#3 USC 13, UW 16 - In the stunner of the century, the Washington Huskies upset the men of Troy in the biggest upset in the history of college football. No joke, ladies and gentlemen as no team has lost 15 of 16 games and then beat a team as highly ranked as Southern California. However, one could say that USC lost the game as much or more than the Huskies won it.

Why am I being such a negative Nancy? Because they still lost to Paul Wulff and the Cougars in the Apple Cup. Yes - these Washington State Cougars...

SMU27, WSU 30 -
Remember when the Cougs were routinely ranked in the Top 10 in the country? Now an overtime win against a team that recieved the NCAA death penalty years ago will probably be the only victory they sniff this weekend.

#8 Cal 35, Minnesota 21 -
You should always beat a team with these kind of jerseys...

Is this 1932? Did they let Casey pick the colors out? And why do I feel like stopping at a crosswalk when I see these.

Duke 16, #22 Kansas 44 -
People actually showed up to this game, thinking they were going to play basketball.

#11 Ohio State 38, Toledo 0 -
The Buckeyes were fine since they weren't playing a team from the Pac-10 or in a Bowl game.

Temple 6, #5 Penn State 31 -
The Big Ten likes scheduling these monster out of conference opponents don't they? They might all compete for the FCS playoffs as well.

East Carolina 17, #24 North Carolina 31 -
For a second there I thought I was looking up a score from the directional school haven of the Big Sky Conference.

Eastern Michigan 17, #25 Michigan 45 -
Eastern Michigan is actually located in the student side section in Michigan Stadium.

North Texas 7, #4 Alabama 53 -
I'm going to venture a guess and say that North Texas didn't cover the spread.

#18 Utah 24, Oregon 31 -

Utah apparently thought they were playing a "Rollerball" team.

#19 Nebraska 15, #13 Virginia Tech 16 -
Funny thing, when they panned to the crowd MICHAEL VICK jerseys were readily visible. America, ladies and gentlemen.

Tennessee 13, #1 Florida 23 -
Why does Tim Tebow dress like Ed Harris from "Apollo 13" now?

Florida State 54, #7 BYE WEEK 28 -
BCS Spoiler Brigham Young apparently thought they should choke in trap games like the big boys too.

#10 Boise State 51, Fresno State 34 -
This game was actually played indoors, on a 50-yard football field.

San Diego State 20, Idaho 34 -
Here is how the WAC standings look right now...

Boise St.
Fresno St.
Louisiana Tech
New Mexico St.
San Jose St.
Utah St.

I'm setting a dumpster on fire when Boise St. plays Idaho, that will be a hell of a game.

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