September 19, 2009

Jack in the Box hires robot workers

I went into Jack in the Box tonight in Issaquah, Washington to get a burger.

I walked inside, and to my surprise there was no workers. There was only the machine (pictured right). I had to order using it.

It was simple to use with a touch screen. You just pushed the buttons for what you wanted and pay right there.

In other words, another human job was taken away by machines.

How long until machines are also in the back making the burgers?

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. I went to my local J in the B in Auburn, and confronted one of these as well. The funny thing about it was that there was an employess standing right there next to it. She was pressing the buttons for me as I ordered...What was the point?!

  2. I am sure it's just the beginning. Later, when people get used to those machines, there will be no use in somebody working the register. Can't wait tiil the machines start making burgers ( don't you dare mess up my order,cyberg).