September 27, 2009

College Football Roundup... when are the Cougars going to join the WAC?

#12 USC 27, WSU 6 - Washington State called a time out before time expired so they could score a touchdown and make this game look closer than it actually was. USC bullied WSU until freshman QB Jeff Tuel stepped in for the Crimson and Gray (14-22, 130 yards) and instantly showed that he was the best prospect the Cougs have under center. This guy should have been playing the entire season so far. Bad game for USC, they should have won something like 60-0 if they wanted to show they're still elite, now they have some huge question marks. At least the game produced this humerous photo...

"What's your name? Paul Wulff? Oh! Nice to meet you! Where's the head coach of the Cougars?"

#1 Florida 41, Kentucky 7 - I was watching the History Channel the other day and you know how every other show is something along the lines of "10 ways the world is going to end." Well one of those reasons is Tim Tebow getting injured. When I saw the hit last night on Tebow I screamed "NOOOOOOOO TEBOOOOOWWWWWWW!" but was comforted by the image of a 60-year old Gator Fan lady being embraced by a 21-year old male Gator Fan.

See? Tebow's injury can bring us all together.

UTEP 7, #2 Texas 64 - Well at least Mike Price didn't bring any strippers out onto the field.

Iowa 21, #5 Penn State 10 - Penn State was shocked that their athletic department had actually scheduled somebody other than a Div. II school.

#6 Cal 3, Oregon 42 - (Insert Blount sucker punch joke here). ZIIIIING!

#8 Boise State 49, Bowling Green 14 - The color commentary guy on the Bronco's radio network kept saying "and the fans are heading to the exits..." every five minutes, making me wonder if fans kept coming back in and leaving, or they had homeless people that wandered into the stadium looking for food and decided they'd rather go hungry than watch Bowling Green.

Texas Tech 28, #17 Houston 29 - I know what you're thinking... who the hell is Houston? Ladies and Gentlemen, Conference USA! Admitting random schools since the Big East raided their charter members.

Idaho 34, Northern Illinois 31 - The Vandals are the best football team in the state of Washington.

#24 Washington 14, Stanford 34 - Well there goes that flukish Top 25 rating.

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