September 26, 2009

Things that are bigger underdogs than the WSU Cougars

The Cougars are 45-point underdogs today against the University of Southern California, meaning that the Trojans are more likely to lose against a collection of tackle dummies than Washington State University athletes.

However, things could be worse, I've come up with a list of underdogs more hopeless than the WSU Cougars.

Poland VS Germany, 1939 - The Polish had horses, the Germans had tanks.

A seagull VS a black hole - The bright side on this is that perhaps the black hole is some sort of portal to a seagull heavan where it's just one big park populated with old people handing out bread crumbs.

A 40-year old man VS Male pattern baldness - Ask Karl Malone. This is a hopeless fight.

VHS VS DVD - Think of it this way, how many VHS tapes have you bought in the last five years.

Pedophile VS Chris Hansen - On Dateline, Hansen lays down the law against Chi-mos. WSU will be shoved to the ground and handcuffed in the very same way.

Dogs VS Michael Vick - Oh wait, too soon?

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