September 2, 2009

Why does everyone hate the Patriots?

I've heard this from a lot of people this year:

"I hate the Patriots. They always win."

Well aren't you special! I understand the natural disposition to root for the underdog and the New England Patriots have been the best team of this decade in the NFL, hands down, but hating somebody for being successful is like being a jealous sibling. Immature.

People absolutely despise the Pats. Sure, there was spygate but the truth about that whole scandal is that every team spies on the other one and there's plenty of shenanigans going on between opposing sidelines. Keyshawn Johnson even admitted on ESPN that he would try to steal signs from the other team when split out wide on the opposing sideline. What's the difference... let's take a look at the Jet's video library, I'm sure we'll find the same thing.

I understand that you hate seeing the same team win, but that shouldn't make you get disgusted everytime you see Tom Brady. In America, we celebrate well-run, successful organizations. It's what capitalism is based on. However, the NFL is more like Soviet Russia where every team is given an equal chance of winning regardless of how crappy the ownership is. You have a New England Patriots organization that is a streamlined machine that knows how to win games - and people knock them for. I'm pretty sure this is some sort of form of reverse band-wagoning.

Sure you can be mad if your team got knocked out of the playoffs by them, or if they stole your prized wide-reciever with a trade... but people like Packer fans need to stop complaining about the Pats. You live in a small market with ugly women. Get over yourself.

The Pats aren't like other dynasties like the Yankees because it's not like they just throw money at everyone. If anything, they're tightwads, but they know where to pick their spots. Basically it's like hating Google because they're simply better than any other search engine out there.

I'm not a Pats fan, I'm a Titans fan, but I do like it when a league has well-run organizations and if you consider New England's tortured past when it comes to pro football... it's actually a pretty good story.

Now... if you want to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers, that's a completely different story. And it's going to be a future blog. However, I would just like to say that I hate that franchise and their band-wagoning, towel-waving, d-bag fans.


  1. They filmed the oppossing team's practice the day before the Super Bowl. How is that justifiable? Their coach is a prick. Their quarterback is a premadonna. Their fans are the same people who attach a Red Sox hat to their head, get a clover tattoed on their back and hate Yankee fans for practicing the same brand of bandwagonry.

    Fuck the Patriots.

    And, to summarize: Players who do steroids are not in the wrong, because everyone does it. Coaches who cheat are not in the wrong, because everyone is doing it.


    And again, FUCK the Patriots.

  2. I'm a Colts fan. And year after year I watched the Pats knock them out of the playoffs. I hate the Patriots. Every year the Pat's bandwagon fans in this area got to gloat while a team that they just started rooting for won. I've never even met a real Pats fan. Only ones that started after the 2002 Super Bowl. I'd ask them, "why do you like the Patriots?" And they would pop their collars on their too small pink polo shirts and say, "Cause they win! WHOA!!"

  3. Clover tattoo? Really? That's below the belt Schwartz....

  4. Maybe I don't hate the Gaytriots, but I do love the Giants for ruining their perfect season.

    And oh yeah, I hate the Gaytriots.