September 18, 2009

Wonderful security features in Spokane, WA

If you're in the Spokane area, you've probably heard about the criminally insane killer that escaped after the Eastern State Hospital thought it would be cool to take 30 of their inmates/patients to the Interstate Fair. Why a killer was included in that group and why Eastern State Hospital takes dangerous people on field trips is beyond me, but this is Spokane, and this is one of those cities that you would imagine this kind of stuff would happen. Why, because...

1. The Spokane Police Department is actually comprised of one guy named Bob who likes donuts, and one guy named Chuck who likes to taser mentally disabled people. They also have a pet monkey, Barry, that is their drug enforcement cop.

2. Instead of actually locking doors in Spokane, most people just put a photo of Adam Morrison (pre cut hair) on the front of it to scare anyone away.

3. Security at public events consists of guards poking backpacks with sticks and if they blow up, they've found a bomb.

4. Grand planning has the Spokane County Jail right by the Spokane Arena, a public gathering place. But no worries, they have a YMCA in between the two. No kids go to those places or anything.

5. Instead of bomb sniffing dogs, Spokane Police use goats.

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