October 15, 2009

Big Sky Conference continues to show their love for Montana

(Sigh) EWU senior linebacker is suspended the same week as the Montana game? You've got to be kidding me! Here's the lowdown from the Spokesman's Steve Bergum...

The Big Sky Conference has suspended Eastern Washington University senior linebacker Kyle Wilkins for one game because of the illegal hit his put on a Weber State receiver during Saturday’s 31-13 loss to the Wildcats at Woodward Field.

I did not see a replay of the hit, but from my pressbox view, I did not think it deserved even the personal-foul penalty it drew at the time, helping set the stage for three WSU scores in the final 90 seconds of the first half.  I have a call in to EWU coach Beau Baldwin to get his take on the hit and the suspension and will update this post with whatever comments he makes.

I worked the soundboard for broadcast of the Weber State game and I do not remember any hit eliciting a response like "that's an illegal hit" or any sort of question like that. What prompted the video review then? My guess is that the Montana Grizzly Conference strikes again.

(Something tells me there will be ten suspendable hits made by Griz players this weekend and they won't even get a sniff by the Big Sky)

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