October 14, 2009

Trout Tickling

One thing I had never heard of until tonight was trout tickling. This is a way to catch fish without using anything but your bare hands.

But tonight on an episode of Man vs. Wild Bear Grylls caught a fish by searching under rock overhangs and logs. You gently scrape your fingers in the sand with your palms heading toward the rock. If a fish is there, then you gently trap it with your palms. You then slowly rub the fish's tummy and then cup around the fish and pull out.

He did end up catching a fish that way. It was pretty awesome.

Now trout tickling isn't the only way to catch a fish with just your hands. You can also try noodling to catch catfish. Brandon wrote a great article on this last week.

Noodling and tickling, who thinks these things up?

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