October 18, 2009

College Football Round-up: Notre Dame fans

#6 USC 34, #25 Notre Dame 27 -
Charlie Weis should be fired! Losing to the best college football program in America is simply inexcusable! This is ridiculous! We like to overreact to every little thing! We're Notre Dame Football fans!

#5 Boise St. 28, Tulsa 21 - You know, I'm sick of seeing these big conference schools loading up their schedule with cupcakes, barely squeking by them and then making it to a BCS bowl. Simply unfair. I'm glad a mid-major team is finally doing the same. Take that big schools!

#8 Cincinnati 34, #21 South Florida 17 - With the Bengals also having  a good season, Cincinnati is the center of the football universe. More proof that the center of it must be a black hole.

Arkansas 20, #1 Florida 23 - Difference between Florida and Oklahoma: the Gators actually come through in tight games.

#22 South Carolina 6, #2 Alabama 20 - Difference between Alabama and Oklahoma: the Crimson Tide much better.

#20 Oklahoma 13, #3 Texas 16 - I rest my case.

#4 Virginia Tech 23, #19 Georgia Tech 28 - Well ACC, it was fun while it lasted, enjoy not being revelant in the national title hunt.

#7 Ohio State 18, Purdue 26 - Ditto for the Big Ten.

#11 Iowa 20, Wisconsin 10 - Iowa is undefeated at 7-0? WHHOOOOAAAAAH! That wont last but I mean, it's cool that they ripped off the Steelers' jerseys.

Texas Tech 31, #15 Nebraska 10 - Somewhere, Casey is smiling because Nebraska has choked once again.

Cal 45, UCLA 26 - For some reason, every UCLA game makes me want to tear my eyes out because it's so mind-numbingly boring and depressing. And these are high scoring games!

Washington 17, Arizona St. 24 - Well I mean, the Huskies were ranked at one time. Once. Then they lost. Now they suck. And I love life :D

EWU 34, Montana 41 - Wait scratch that, I hate life. F-u Montana.

Hawaii 23, Idaho 35-
That's right, the Vandals are BOWL ELIGIBLE. And I was just struck by a flying pig on the way to work.

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