October 18, 2009

Seattle, are you ready for the playoffs

With a 3-2 victory over Kansas City on the road, the Seattle Sounders wrapped up a playoff spot. That's right, Seattle will once again host postseason sports - something that has seemed to escape its grasp the past couple of years.

On the Seattle Times blog, here are some things that make this season unique for FC -

-First expansion team since Chicago 1998 to make the playoffs in year one.
-Won U.S. Open Cup in first season.
-Had four All-Stars.
-Led league in attendance, by far. 

 Word was that the celebration by the team was subdued due to their performance against Kansas City.

"There was an appropriate level of celebrating and knowing OK, this part of the job is over but the next part of it starts tomorrow."

The team will pick up the tab on "one or two drinks." Some players will be going to the Seahawks game tomorrow after the team lands in Seattle.

Said unidentified person of the match: "It was one of those games where I was nervous because we weren't finishing our chances. That usually comes back to bite you in the butt."

Wow, for just wrapping up a playoff spot, this is a very business-like approach from the team like they expect a lot more from themselves... like a championship? :D

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