October 4, 2009

College Football Rundown... it's not pretty

Washington St. 6, #16 Oregon 52 - The Jeff Tuel era at quarterback lasted all two snaps before he was sandwiched in a sack and was taken out of the game. Yep, building for the future.

UC Davis 16, #5 Boise State 34 - Don't you hate when these big schools schedule FCS cupcakes and still expect to make it to the national championship game. How disgusting! And then the voters don't give the smaller schools a chance to compete. Oh wait, Boise State isn't in a BCS conference? Their non-conference schedule consists of Oregon and some random schools with funny mascots? Oh brother... the WAC is sure making a case for their league champion to get a bid in the big bowl games. :P

#6 Virginia Tech 34, Duke 26 - Does anyone else think that with budgets getting cut back it's nothing short of a miracle that Duke still has a football team?

#7 USC 30, #24 Cal 3 - A note to the Bears... WSU scored more points on USC than you did, and held the Trojans to fewer points. The same WSU that couldn't beat their own dance team in a game of flag football.

#8 Oklahoma 20, #17 Miami 21 - In other news, Sam Bradford will wear a "FML" decal on his helmet for the rest of the season after realizing that he passed up millions of dollars in the NFL to get injured and not compete for a national championship.

#9 Ohio State 33, Indiana 14- See? The Buckeyes can beat anyone as long as it's not in a bowl game, or it's against USC.

#22 Michigan 20, Michigan St. 26 - Sparta fans have what we can WSU-UW syndrome. As long as they beat Michigan, the season is a sucess.

Colorado St. 29, Idaho 31- The power of Rob Akey compels you! The power of Rob Akey compels you!

Washington 30, Notre Dame 37 - Watching Charlie Weis actually cause a rain shadow in his wake was impressive. Usually that's reserved for mountain ranges and coaches that have won a meaningful game when it counts.

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