October 6, 2009

EWU to experience Husky Snobs

Good news Eagle fans, EWU will go down in history as the first FCS team to play the University of Washington in football.

The Huskies announced Tuesday they are canceling a future home-and-home football series with BYU and added Eastern Washington, a Football Championship Subdivision team, to their schedule in 2011. It will be the first time in school history the Huskies will play a team from the FCS.

Never playing a lower-level team has been a traditional source of pride for Washington and is included in its weekly football notes. But the streak is finally being broken.

“It was a great sense of pride that we haven’t had to do that,” Washington athletic director Scott Woodward said. “But the SEC and the upper-tier Big 12 teams have been running (up) the cost of the lower Division I-A schools so much that it’s gotten to be cost prohibitive. If you can schedule a team that is very competitive like Eastern Washington or Portland State it makes more economic sense.”

Boy the Huskies just can't get over themselves can't they. Even in a press release you get a backhanded remark by AD Scott Woodward. By the way that's a load of bull. They're trying to make good with the alumni, when in fact, UW is scheduling EWU because it's an easy win. They can't guarantee a win anymore with schools like BYU and even Idaho. The current state of UW football is that of the lower half of FBS college football, easy. Blaming the SEC and the Big 12 is just ridiculous.

Anyways, who's ready for Jeff Minnerly vs. Joe Montana's kid?

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