October 29, 2009

Football fans... you apparently like baseball

I wouldn't normally talk about TV ratings, but I've heard meathead football fan say that baseball sucks and that the World Series doesn't matter so many times in the past seven days that I'm just about to ask them to recite the depth chart of their favorite team and watch their head implode after the name the quarterback and can't think of anyone else.

So meat head football fans, here are the ratings of last night's World Series game between the Yankees and Phillies.

The World Series brought a big audience to FOX Wednesday night -- no surprise for a matchup of teams from two of the 10 biggest TV markets in the country.

Game 1 of the Philadelphia Phillies-New York Yankees series drew 17.8 million viewers and a 10.9 rating/17 share in households for FOX.

Meanwhile, they're sending free Rams jerseys to anyone that watches St. Louis games. Apparently they've sent thirty out already.

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