October 27, 2009

Lessons in bad money management...

Here's what not to do with your money...

A former college friend of Brandon's -
Spend all your financial aid for college in the spring quarter on a flat screen TV that ends up getting pawned off anyway after you lose your job for not working, get evicted for not paying rent because you spent all your money and wasting the rest of your money on pot.

Casey -
Ooooo! A bright green Seahawks jersey for 80 bucks? I'm in!

Darth Vader -
Let's put half the Galactic Empire's resources into a ship as big as a moon, only let's forget to cover up the exhaust vents. Nobody is going to find those.

Seattle Mariners -
Ritchie Sexson! Carlos Silva! These are can't miss guys!

Brandon -
Let's see I have 200 bucks to spare this month, I'll spend 50 of that on lattes, 50 of that on a Nintendo Wii game I'll play once, 30 dollars on Red Lobster (I don't regret this)... ooooo, is that an original copy of Waterworld starring Kevin Costner? I have to buy that....

Antoine Walker -
(Courtesy of Deadspin) Well, since he bounced about $1 million worth of checks in Las Vegas you can chalk a healthy portion of that up to gambling losses. But that doesn't explain it all way. Walker was a generous friend and teammate. A little too generous. A Boston Globe investigation into the former Celtic's lavish lifstyle includes free spending, not just on himself—in 2002, he had a new suit made for every day of the playoffs so he wouldn't have to wear the same one twice—but on those in his very large orbit. Teammates say he routinely picked up giant dinner tabs on the road or would hire limos to take everyone out on the town. According to his mother, at one point Walker was financially supporting seventy of his friends and relatives.

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