October 22, 2009

New Features at JustSON

Tomorrow, I know many of you will be looking for the Friday Night Lights JustSON edition. But I will be leaving town for the weekend.

The reason:

The forces of JustSON will be uniting. I'm heading east to kick it with Brandon in Spokane/Cheney for the weekend.

With our power combined, that town won't know what hit it.

Also, on an important note, we're going to be starting a new section here at JustSoN. I'm not sure on the name yet, maybe, "Track the Fatty." Or something like that.

For you see, I was once in great shape (aka this summer). But now I've had over an hour commute to work and over an hour commute home from work. So I sit on my butt for 10 - 12 hours a day. Oh, and I eat. So now I look like this guy:

But I just got a new place, so I'll be able to start going to the gym again. Also, I'll be biking to work and the gym. It's time to get in shape.

So this new section will feature yours truly as I get back into shape. I'll update on how the progress is going and hope to motivate some of you readers to get in shape as well.

Look for this new section to be popping up starting November.

Until then, over the mountains I go!

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