October 4, 2009

Northern Rangers: Tolt McDonald Park

Note: We shot this on Thursday, but thanks to a power outage that night, and a busy weekend, sorry for the delay in getting this up.)

Location: Carnation, Washington

Trail Description:

The area is covered in singletrack trails with manageable hills. The main trail starts directly across the Tolt river from the parking area. Cross the bridge and then head up the really big hill. After about one mile the trail levels off. The first accent is pretty difficult. Once you get to the top, there are tons of winding trails. Make sure to bring a map or else you're almost certainly going to get lost.

How to get there:

From Seattle, drive East on I-90 to exit #22 and turn left towards Fall City. From Fall City, drive North on Hwy 203. You will cross a bridge and enter Carnation. Start look for the entrance to Tolt-McDonald Park on the left, across from the middle school. Follow the park's road to the parking lot at the end.

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