October 21, 2009

Pop Warner parents and coaches continue to show they're insane

NOTE TO YOUTH PARENTS AND COACHES: Stop living you're dream of being somehow involved in the NFL through Youth Sports. You will never come close. You are untalented, you are not smart and you lack judgement. That's why you had kids so early. That's why you work at a job you hate. That's why your only release is your kid's sporting events. That's why you blame other parents rather than yourself. Have you ever heard of a positive story coming out of Youth Football other than parents fighting and kids crying? I think not.

A Pop Warner parent has been assaulted by the coach of his son's Pop Warner team after they showed up late to practice. And no, it wasn't Tom Cable.

Reynolds has been suspended from the league in connection with the Friday incident, and further action against him, including the possibility of being banned from coaching in the league, will be taken up in a Pop Warner board meeting in the off-season, officials said. His former team, in the "C" category, was led by assistant coaches in a game on Sunday. Reynolds had coached in the league for at least three consecutive years before taking off several seasons and returning to coaching this year.

Both men accuse the other of being the aggressor, of throwing the first punch after they walked side-by-side from the practice field to a nearby secluded area to resolve their dispute, which started at 5:37 p.m, when VonKahle brought his son late to practice, a police report indicates.

Reynolds told the 12-year-old boy to run laps as a consequence. In his statement to police, VonKahle, 48, said he responded to Reynolds by saying, "If anybody needs to run laps, it should be you, you fat [expletive]."

Considering this stuff wouldn't happen in big boy football (you know football thats real and football that people care about), I think the term "crazy" or "a sad pathetic lifeform" might be the best way to describe this coach.

Ah youth sports, keep on trucking.

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