October 19, 2009

Seattle is not optimistic about the chances of their football team

After yesterday's 27-3 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, the Seattle media is less than thrilled about their Seahawks. Example...

For the second season in a row, the Seattle Seahawks aren't going to the playoffs.

Forget all of the optimism at draft time last April. Forget the undefeated preseason. And the pronouncements that last season's 4-12 finish was an aberration and that this season would be resurgent.

Forget the idea that the new offensive system will fit perfectly with the Seahawks' personnel.

One-cut-and-go has become one-cut-and-no.

And forget the ideas that the defense would be more aggressive and that the unprecedented injury jinx that stalked this team last season couldn't possibly happen two seasons in a row.

It has.

Oh boy, there's nothing more cutting than a newspaper column where the writer just starts throwing one-sentence statements down on the paper and then using two-word sentences for dramatic effect. Never ceases to be overused.

It's wonderful.

Sitting at 2-4, there's not a whole lot you can be happy about if you're a Seahawks fan, except that you're better than the St. Louis Rams, who almost got taken over by the GOP. Other then that though, it looks like the town is throwing in the white towel six games into the season. Yikes.

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