October 26, 2009

This just in: racists are also stupid

So a group of college students from St. Louis were enjoying Chicago when they came across this bar that is probably going to lose a lot of business.

Six African-American men in the group were denied entry to the bar last weekend. Student Regis Nurayi says the bar's manager told them their jeans were too baggy.

But Murayi didn't buy it. So he switched jeans with a shorter, white student.

The white student, who now had very baggy jeans, was let in, and Murayi was still kept out. The students held a protest in front of Mother's last Sunday, and there's a meeting about this issue in St. Louis on Monday.

Apparently the white student got through the baggy jean screening process! Drat! Racists... got to love them and their propensity to not have a job and date their sisters. (Although I'm guessing the owners of this bar weren't actually dating their sisters but rather a bi-product of somebody dating their sister)

And I'm sure Fox News will make a statement that the bar was "taken out of context."

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