October 30, 2009

Worst Hockey Jerseys Ever

The Bakersfield Condors have an interesting jersey night...

Friday night is for all of those "Smooth Criminals" out there looking to honor the "King of Pop." The Condors players will be playing their part during the game, sporting specialty jerseys which will be auctioned off throughout the night.

The night will include music and King of Pop themed promotions as well, and Condors players will even wear one white glove during the game, some of which will later be available for purchase. To top it off, everyone in the house is eligible to win one of five game-worn tribute jerseys that will be raffled off during the game.

Also, anybody with the name "Michael Jackson" or "Billie Jean" will receive free entry into the game by showing your ID.

I think minor-league sports just hit an all-time low.

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