November 19, 2009

Fred is a genius

I'm back! Well kinda. Thank you internet at coffee shops. I don't even drink coffee. So instead I bought a muffin. Mmmm....muffins.

Anyway, sorry for the delay in the new features at JustSON. I'll get them going as soon as I have my own internet.

For now, let's talk about Fred. If you've ever surfed around on Youtube, then I'm sure you've heard of Fred Figglehorn. He is the creation of Lucas Cruikshank. And it was the best idea a kid could have come up with. Sure Fred's voice is annoying and sure his episodes are silly. But people watch. And by people I mean millions. He's the 2nd most subscribed to partner on Youtube and his videos have incredible amounts of hits.

He even came out with his own Christmas album. Here's the video. What do you think? Is Lucas a genius or just catering to a young, easily entertained generation? Either way, he's making "cash money."

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