November 23, 2009

Further proof that Pittsburgh Steelers fans are douchbags

Michael Vick would be horrified right now. Who the hell in their right mind DOES THIS?

A witness called Bridgeville police at 1:09 p.m. after a suspect, who was supposed to have been walking the dog, was kicking it down the street instead, according to a police affidavit.

Ms. Gielarowski told police her boyfriend kicked the dog because the pup would not walk with them. When the near lifeless dog no longer was able to move, Mr. Woodson walked away from it and his girlfriend, she told police.

"He admitted the dog would not behave prior to the Steelers game and that he became upset at it," according to the affidavit.

Listen, I know west coast sports fans might not be as passionate as their east coat counterparts, but instances like this show you just how screwed up priorities are by meat heads in the Rust Belt cities. I would never want to live in a sports culture like that. Grow up and realize it's just a stinking game.


  1. While this story is completely disgusting, it also disgusts me that you're trying to use this to make a case that, as you crudely put it, "Steelers fans are douchbags". As a life-long Steelers fan I promise you that this is just some crazy, sick guy who does not represent the Steeler Nation.

  2. SUPER SHARON STEELER FANAugust 7, 2010 at 7:29 AM

    Wow, I read the story about the PUPPY KILLER. I'm against any form of animal abuse from anyone.
    My problem is the fact that you put that horrible story next to a STEELER FANS photo that isn't the puppy killer! The man in the picture is a TRUE STEELER FAN ever since he was a small boy. He has a kind heart and does charity work for WOUNDED WARRIORS', raises money for cancer patients, and has EVEN TAKEN IN STRAY PUPPIES until he can find them a GOOD home!!!! You need to think about what your story/picture combo will or can do to a GOOD persons reputation before you print anything!!!

  3. Brandon if you have a berserk compulsion to write something like this, you should let it set for at least 24 hours and then look it over again before posting it. I love dogs and I like sports and I think that your comment focuses immediate attention on you and your inability to reign in your wilder impluses much like the guy kicking the dog. Oh, and I like the spirit and sartorial tastes of the guy whose picture you most certainly posted without first obtaining his permission.