November 4, 2009

JustSON Numbers: The terrible, terrible NFC West

You think the Seahawks are bad? Well, they're not out of it yet because everyone else in the NFC West is stinking it up too. Here are the standings from the division with Arizona LEADING at 4-3 (that's a game above .500 for those counting at home).

1. Arizona (4-3)
2. San Francisco (3-4)
3. Seattle (2-5)
4. St. Louis (1-7)

That's a combined record of 10-19 between four teams. Not something you want to be proud about. I know that Seattle absolutely stinks right now, but they're not out of the race if they can figure out how to get on track. However, that's probably not going to happen because what they heck are they going to do? They're injured, they're offensive line play is blah, they're receivers are underachieving and their defense couldn't stop WSU at this moment in time.

It's a sinking ship and you can't plug all the holes, but hey, this whole division is a sinking ship.

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