November 29, 2009

Making fun of the Apple Cup

Good god, that was a terrible game. Sure the Huskies trounced the Cougars but they can't be too pleased about it because Jake Locker played like he was mildly drunk. In fact, I'd say that Locker's play in the first half kept WSU in the game. Why are NFL scouts so high on this guy? He makes poor reads, weak throws and can run the ball.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next Jamarcus Russell!

Anyways, they took some photos at the game, and boy we're they funny... (Click on the title of this post for more photos)

"But the football tastes just like BAAACON! I want BACON!! BACCCCON!"

To give your dog something they want, try Beggin' Strips (aka Kevin Lopina) ...

(Again, click the title of this article for more photos.)

"Dude, you look ridiculous doing that Irish jig when catching the ball"
"Dude you look ridiculous just watching me while we blow out your team."

"That's right, we're not the worst team in the Pac-10. Woo!... wait a minute, there are no apples in this Cup"

"I receive on a seven-second tape delay... sorry..."

"You realize this is the third time we've helped you off the field... maybe you should just stick to your basketweaving major"

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