November 29, 2009

Reasons why you're still single... you're a UW fan

I've been on the sideline of WAZZU games and have to say the student section might be one of the most entertaining in the country. Some of the banter they throw out on the field to other team's players and some of the costumes are just awesome. Love them.

And then I've been to a UW game and GASP! They really show their fandom by "wearing a UW jersey for gameday" and "cheering when something good happens" ... fantastic job UW student section, I think you just put Warren Moon to sleep.

As you gloat today after UW's victory over WAZZU while sitting in a Starbucks sipping your Eggnog Latte, think back about your completely unremarkable life, your bland apartment and your Jetta and keep telling yourself Oregon is your biggest rival.