November 29, 2009

Seahawks fans, this could be you

Seattle got the win over St. Louis today 27-17 in the early game of this NFL Sunday, and I couldn't be less excited.Seattle is pretty much looking at itself in the mirror with the St. Louis Rams. They were a successful franchise, but one that tried to hold on to long instead of rebuilding and now find themselves in a complete mess.

Ask yourself after this win these questions...

1. Is Seattle building for the future?
2. Do they have any clear direction?
3. What is this team's identity?

A couple of highlights are Justin Forsett, who has firmly established himself as the feature back for Seattle but quarterback Matt Hasselbeck doesn't have much time left under center (My roommate Colin said he can't remember the last time the QB threw a pass over 20 yards) and Seneca Wallace is not the answer. The defense has maligned corners, and the offensive line is shaky. Ugh, this is not a good combination.

Be careful Seahawks fans, things might be a lot worse next year.

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