November 15, 2009

More bad news for the Cougars

I was running across some comments made by WSU fans on the Spokesman message boards after yesterday's familair drubbing at the hands of UCLA and they don't paint a very good picture about Paul Wulff and the Cougars.

There is so much wrong with this picture that I heartily agree with Jim Walden, you can't give out a Cougar player of the game award when there is none.

And to think that the future of Cougar Football flies only IF the Phase III Martin Stadium Project gets funded/completed? Most of my friends are no longer attending games due to lack of product, let alone digging deep for monies to donate.

Changes in the Coaching Staff, clear goals for discernable improvement/victories must be established and measurable progress made next year by Jim Sterk. This is no longer tenable and either gets corrected or we are doomed to being the doormats of the PAC-10 (again).

Go Cougs!

Here's the thing about WSU - they have the smallest stadium in the Pac-10, they have quite possibly the worst destination in the Pac-10 (who wants to go to Pullman?), smallest athletic budget, smallest collection of donors, when it comes down to it, things aren't really fair at all. College football has become such a big money prospect that they're an obvious caste system and frankly, the Cougs are on the bottom of this.

While I don't excuse Wulff on all counts (there's really no signs of tactical awareness from the staff), he wasn't exactly dealt a full hand after Doba ran the program into the ground. WSU can't change coaches now either because they'd just have to go out and get another no-namer like Wulff who might be even worse. Then they're paying two coaches' contracts and they have to reset the program again. It's really a no-win situation.

WSU needs to evaluate its place in the Pac-10 and what it wants to establish as goals. Because right now, it's just running on fumes.

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