November 16, 2009

So should I be angry about this Seahawks loss?

I mean last time these two teams played, the Seahawks got owned royally. This time around they have seemed to improve quite a bit (something the WSU Cougars are not doing), and Justin Forsett has emerged as Seattle's best rusher. But still... disappointing to say the least.

At least the Tennessee Titans won today as Vince Young seems to have revitalized this franchise. They've won three straight. Mark it down. And they're still three games under .500. CRAP. One thing that I can hang my hat on is Chris Johnson being the modern-day Barry Sanders. Whats the over-under on his Madden Overall Rating next year? 95? 97?

Seattle looks like a 6-10 team, Tennessee looks like a 7-9 team. And it looks like I'll be hoping for baseball season early this year.

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