December 16, 2009

Calgary sets epic low temperature

BRRRR amd Seattle though they had it cold at 16 degrees. Canadians are tough..

Calgary has beaten a weather record set more than 100 years ago.

At about 7:00 Monday morning, Calgary dipped to minus 32.4 degrees beating the old record by .2 degrees.

And at least twelve low temperature records have been broken, with the coldest being Sundre coming in at minus 41.6C.

That's prompting calls from the Catholic and public schools to warn parents about letting kids stand outside to wait for the bus. The frigid temperatures also cancelled bus service in the Chinook Edge School District.

The lowest windchill was in Camrose, where the wind makes it feel like minus 50C.

The record low temperature for Calgary is minus 32.2 set in 1893.

Seriously Seattle, don't you feel a little lame now complaining about 16 degrees? Nobody cares... you guys are a bunch of wimps. Go drive your Jetta in a car wash now.


  1. Minus 32 might be a record for Calgary, but it's routine for Winnipeg. Some winters Winnipeg won't go above -30, day or night, for over a month.

    The coldest I've experienced, growing up in The Pas, Manitoba, is -40.6C (-41.1F).
    Of course the wind chill made it effectively much, much colder.