December 16, 2009

I text more than a teenager. No Joke.

I ran across this story on Huckleberries, saying that teenagers text 2,000 times a month. In fact, they probably text more than they actually talk to people.

... research found the average teen currently sends more than 2,000 text messages per month. About two-thirds of all teens use text messaging, mostly due to its simplicity as well as the privacy of being able to communicate without being overheard.

Lenhart predicted that texting would continue to grow as parents begin using it as an easy way to reach their kids.

At the same time, the average length of a cell phone call declined last year to 2.3 minutes. That's the shortest chat time since the 1990s, before mobile devices and cheap calling plans became widely available to everyday consumers. The peak talk time came in 2004, when a caller on average chatted for 3.05 minutes.

The monthly cell phone bill has remained largely flat over the years, at $50.

Curious and in need of some reference, I went to my phone bill to see how many times i text in a month. And here's the grand total...

My Usage:
2428 Texts

So I actually text more than a teenager. Which is not good. I'm 24-years old.

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