December 6, 2009

Deer tree bobcat

Talk about strange news from the outdoor world. I was reading some of the many outdoor blogs that I follow, when I came across this:

Mark this down in the strange but true wildlife tales.
Ron Goade, president of SSI Technologies in Edmond, and his wife, Susie, were playing golf this month in Scottsdale, Ariz., when they witnessed three mule deer does tree a full grown male bobcat.

The Goades were walking to the 10th tee at the Desert Mountain Golf Course when three does chasing a bobcat raced in front of them.

“The bobcat flew up the tree as the deer stood guard,” said Ron Goade, who took some photographs with the camera on his cell phone.

The deer stood hissing at the bobcat in the tree.

“I don’t know what happened before that, but he didn’t want any part of the deer,” Ron Goade said. “We speculate the bobcat was trying to grab a fawn from a herd of fawns and mothers.”

The Goades watched for about 10 minutes but neither the bobat or mule deer would budge, so they decided to play on.

“It was an incredible sight,” he said. “You just never see a deer chasing a bobcat.”

That would have been the craziest thing to see. All I can say is: Herbivores 1, Carnivores 0

(Saw this over on NewsOK)

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