December 6, 2009

Sam Bowie would like his name cleared now

... Oden out for the season, Portland fans ready to jump off a bridge. What else could you have asked for in terms of drama this NBA season? With that I would like to present big busts that didn't live up to the hype, just so you don't feel bad about Greg.

1. Ryan Leaf - He's in jail. Something tells me things did not go well for him.

2. Y2K - I remember thinking "If this Y2K thing screws up, shouldn't Russia be sending nukes our way like 12 or 24 hours before we in America even great the new year due to time zones" so on Dec. 30, 1999, I was totally disappointing.

3. Middle Ages - Was supposed to be an era of religous awesomeness, instead the only thing good to come out of this time period was the inspiration to make that Kevin Costner Robin Hood movie.

4. Web TV - The funny thing is, with HD and websites like YouTube and Hulu, it might work now, however back in 1997 with dial up and a crappy screen resolution, people just said screw it and watched Seinfeld.

5. The final Seinfeld episode - Everyone at this point realized that Seinfeld wasn't actually that funny of a TV series.

6. Marriage - Judging by all the divorces, Tiger Woods cheating scandal and people saying they can't stop at McDonalds because their wife inspects their stool - I'm going to be single till I'm 50.

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