December 6, 2009

Questions I have after this weekend of sports...

1. After beating the 49ers, are the Seahawks really gonna go on a run and ruin their draft picks? I'm assuming that the Seahawks and 49ers were basically playing for third and second place in the NFC West this year, which honestly doesn't carry a whole lot of weight. Give the Hawks credit, they did win their fifth game of the year but also keep in mind that San Francisco did a couple of things to give the game away. This also confuses the direction of the Seahawks, do you rebuild? Do you bring in some free agents to fix things?

2. Is Casey really the biggest Colts fan in the Northwest?
My fellow blogger Casey Knopik must be thrilled that his team defeated my Titans. That probably ended their postseason hopes but you never know. Now Casey has an undefeated team to root for and is the only fan in the Pacific Northwest (except for our good friend Bart) who roots for the Colts. Seriously?! Where are the other Colts fans? They're all located where there are no mountains, large women and corn. Wonderful.

3. Is it time to panic if you're Gonzaga?
Whaaat? They lost to Wake Forest? A solid ACC team? Say it aint so! But one thing the Zags should be worried about is their student fan section. As soon as the Demon Deacons tied up the game, that section died and never came back. Lame.

4. Why is Skyline so damn good?
So Spokane's Ferris Saxon's couldn't hold a candle to the Skyline Sparatans in the 4A State Football Championship, which makes me very, very sad. Skyline's QB will be going to BYU while Ferris' QB will be going to WSU. Who do you think got the better end of the deal there?

(Interesting question actually. Since BYU allows no drinking whatsoever on campus or withing 1,000 miles, I'd rather go to Pullman, suck at football, and sleep with like 40 girls because I'm on the football team. Score one for the Ferris kid going to WSU!)

5.How did UW defeat Cal?
I dunno, but Casey is going to gloat about this as well. What a jerk.

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