December 8, 2009

Ewoks should be respected

There is a school of thought among Star Wars fans (or as I like to say "those that have not felt the touch of a woman yet") that Ewoks pretty much ruined "Return of the Jedi", because they're basically a furry group of teddy bears and the damn things are a big focus for most of the movie.

I've got to say that I disagree. Anyone remember watching Return of the Jedi as kids? Wasn't that the best movie out of all the Star Wars because of the Ewoks not in spite of it. Not only we're they hilarious, but these things were able to defeat the most feared enforcement troopers in the galaxy. Stormtroopers has freakin' laser guns and Ewoks had rocks.

And the Ewoks won.

I'm pretty sure that makes them bad ass, in fact I think they're the Hell's Angels of the Star Wars Universe, without the bad taste in leather.

So next time you have some extra money, buy a t-shirt with an Ewok on it, or adopt an Ewok. Because they rock.

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