December 10, 2009

HUGE win for Gonzaga

Wow! Was that ever a tough one for Gonzaga, playing against NCAA Division III powerhouse Augustana last night. They just squeaked by with a 79-40 win in what could be described as the most boring game ever played in the McCarthey Athletic Center. I'm pretty sure that the student section was...

(A) Studying for finals in the stands
(B) Playing a game of "Lets see who can be quiet the longest
(C) Scrabble

Either way, I think that perhaps the school should think about scheduling this play down games earlier in the season (read: summer scrimmage) instead of a game in December. And did you see Augustana? I'm pretty sure I have more muscle tone than their post players and the extent of my physical activity is walking to the fridge.

Go Zags!

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