December 10, 2009

Mike Lowell traded to Rangers, but will remain on Red Sox payroll

If you're a baseball fan in the Northwest, you've been following the Mariners' wheeling and dealing the past few days. They're not the only ones as the Red Sox have dealt third baseman Mike Lowell to the Texas Rangers for catcher Max Ramirez.

Lowell was bothered by a hip injury last year and had the range of a slaughtered Manatee at third base but was productive at the plate. So the Sox looking for an upgrade sent him to Texas, but they will be paying about nine million of his $12 million contract.

Ick. Some Red Sox fans aren't happy about that, because it's rumored that Boston will now go after Mariners third baseman Adrian Beltre - who's a stellar third baseman but absolutely sucked at the plate last year. Example?

Fellow Boston Red Sox Fan Dylan Kitzan's Twitter Page.

"In honor of Bill Simmons: Anytime you can trade a guy (Lowell), get a younger version of that guy (Beltre) and pay 'em both, you gotta do it"

That's no exactly a ringing endorsement.

I'm just a little taken aback by how the Yankees are able to trade for studs like Granderson, and the Sox are left picking up the Mariners sloppy seconds. WHAT THE HELL THEO?

If they sign Mike Cameron, I might get a little pissed.

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