December 11, 2009

JustSON Advice: Should I buy a Droid phone?

I got the following facebook message regarding Verizon's new phone-to-end-all phones... What do you think?

k so do you think that the following are reasons that merit getting an iphone/droid type of phone?

1. while reading the justson blog article on the bowl game congress situation i wanted to look up what college the one 'no' voter went to.( and i was correct in assuming UGA, though i missed harvard)

2. while watching espn and seeing fran fraschilla I wanted to look up if that was his real name... It is

3. while wondering about fran fraschila it prompted me to think about another espn dude, nick bakay... i wondered for years if the espn the magazine writer nick bakay was the same nick bakay that was teh voice of salem the cat on sabrina the tv show... he is.

thankfully i was near my laptop so could wikipedia all of the above, allowing me to not lose sleep over the questions tonight. as such i think i deserve a droid phone as it woud help me sleep better at night! do you think that's a legit argument for spening a couple hundred bucks on a phone and doubling my monthly cell phone bill? i'm not important enough wehre i need email on my phone but rather i'd use the internet capabilities to look up unimportant sports trivia... what do you think?:)

Good question mystery reader, and the answer is... wait, Nick Bakay was Salem the cat? THATS MIND BLOWING! He was so clever, and witty and not annoying like Sabrina. How does he end up on a Disney-minded, self-promoting, megalith like ESPN?

He must of sold out, what a jerk. Should still be walking around pretending to give cats voices. That wouldn't be creepy or anything.

Oh and as far as the phone goes, definitely get one but don't let it become self-aware otherwise we're all screwed.

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