December 9, 2009

Idaho vs. WSU ... college basketball nobody cares about

WSU vs. Idaho. The Beer Pong between these two schools must be epic. I hear that when these two play basketball is pretty good. I'd rather play beer pong though. 

PULLMAN – There aren’t many schools that have met more often in basketball than Washington State University and the University of Idaho.

When the two get together tonight in WSU’s Beasley Coliseum, it will mark the 105th consecutive year the two schools, separated by about 8 miles and an invisible state line, have met.

But despite having played 264 (or 263, if you go by Idaho’s records) times, these aren’t desperate rivals. More like two brothers playing in the backyard.

“We played against them this summer, so we know them all pretty well,” said WSU sophomore Abe Lodwick, who did not play in last year’s 55-41 WSU win in Moscow, the Cougars’ sixth consecutive win in the series.

Now you might be wondering who I'm going to root for, and to that I say... GO VANDALS!


  1. You might be surprised; one of our Authors lives in Idaho.

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  2. How can you say nobody cares about this game! Idaho is coming off of a huge win against a ranked portland team, and WSU is showing that they have good potential to make it to the tourney. It will be an awesome battle in the wheat country! jack ass