December 7, 2009

Media criticizes SNL for Tiger Woods skit, loses my respect

Boy, during this whole Tiger Woods scandal, the news media has really showed their true colors. Forget finding facts, everybody is just naturally assuming there was a domestic incident, despite that not being confirmed by anyone. However, media sources like to just report it like it happened (as if they know).

Not to mention their eagerness to report the numerous ladies that have come forward to say that they have slept with Tiger Woods. This is sound, solid, useful journalism!

And now this media is using their platform to pick on that dastardly Saturday Night Live that basically has done the same thing they've done, except it's funny and entertaining. And by the way, it's a sketch comedy show so basically they're allowed to play around with the rules because nobody treats them as the truth.

In the comedy sketch, Tiger Woods (played by the “S.N.L.” performer Kenan Thompson) gives a series of press conferences attempting to apologize for acts of infidelity. In each appearance, the fictional Woods appears with more bruises and injuries, evidently sustained at the hands of Elin (played in the skit by Ms. Lively).

Around the blogosphere, viewers wondered if “Saturday Night Live” went too far in mining comedy from the subject of domestic abuse — particularly when the show’s musical guest was Rihanna, who in February was assaulted by her then-companion, Chris Brown.

Has SNL gone too far? There was no domestic abuse reported, they're just taking on the humerous angle that Tiger's wife would be rather angry to find that he's been sleeping around. Nothing more, nothing less. It's the media that's jumping off the boat with this whole domestic violience issue. And I'm sure Rihanna didn't actually watch the freakin' skit.

Again, the media has shown they have no shame, morals or even a sense of place when it comes to covering things these days. But.. gasp... at least they're better than that evil SNL.

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