December 28, 2009

Reasons why you're still single... Spare Tire guy

Oh it's cool that you own a Ford Mustang... really cool. Awesome. Although I have to wonder why you're sporting the spare tire.

Sure there could be the normal explanation that you got a flat and you're limping to a nearby tire shop to get a new one, because that is what spare tires are designed for. But not you, life is too fast for you to stop and get a street legal tire, you're going to roll through Spokane traffic like you're mr. Fast N' Furious, passing people like they're standing still on a tire that was designed to only go 30 MPH.

Smart guy, see you down the road in 10 minutes with another flat tire and possibility a bum axle.


  1. Axel, is that you?

    (Perhaps illiterates should go back to school before annoying us with their ignorance).

  2. Or they're just obsessed with Axel's bum?