December 28, 2009

For you football fans out there that hate baseball... would just like to point out that 21 different baseball teams won a playoff series in this decade. I know you whine and  bellyache about how great the NFL is for parity and it's certainly better than listening to you struggle to name your favorite team's quarterback since you only watch SportsCenter's Top Ten plays, then call your self a sports fan, then wear a Steeler's jersey - but you should really pay attention to this since baseball's no salary cap situation will soon be a reality in the NFL as well.

Although considering you're an "NFL fan" chances are you have no idea what I'm talking about (CBA - collective bargaining agreement). Well enjoy a league with owners that are equally inept as baseball owners, except that you have one owner that probably believes he's a muppet (Al Davis), one that thinks he's Darth Vader (Daniel Snyder), and one that thinks he's god (Jerry Jones). That should be a barrel of fun!

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