December 28, 2009

The Seattle Seahawks Massacre in Photos

Well it was painful (the Seahawks lost 48-10 to the Green Bay Packers) but lets relive the game in photos, shall we? (All photos from

"DAMMIT BOB! You though the game was at 5 a.m.? Really?!?!"

"We get a Chalupa if they score 50 points right? CHA-LU-PA!"

"Oh hey! Did you want this? Sorry it's mine"

"Girls, stop slapping one another!"

This isn't a Packer game. This is actually the Soup Kitchen line in Detroit.

Global Warming in action.

 Woooo! Delta Kappa Phi for LIFE!

Look at Santa Claus to the right. He's having a good post-Christmas.

Here's how bad the Seahawks are. Matt Flynn was in the game for the Packers. MATT FLYNN!!!

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