December 1, 2009

Signs that your girlfriend is a cat lady

According to Facebook, Casey has apparently taken the plunge with his fiancee and they've acquired some cats.

I know, I feel sorry for him as cats are little hellspawns that do the work of Satan. If you'd like to avoid the same fate as Casey, I'd recommend looking for these warning signs that your girlfriend might be a cat lady...

1. She dresses like a slutty kitty for Halloween every single year. Even when her body type has no right dressing up like a slutty kitty. In fact, you beg her not to put on the same slutty kitty outfit, but she does anyways.

2. On your first date, she asked for extra cat hair on her food to get that feel of home.

3. This one is pretty simple... there are FREAKIN' cats in her apartment.

4. She thinks Egypt had it right when they whorshipped cats and wanted to be buried with them. In fact, she's worked up the funeral arrangement where you'll both be buried alongside her kitties.

5. She has more cat food in the apartment than actual human food. Sometimes she eats the cat food cause she can't afford human food because she spent too much money on cat food.

6. She hates dogs.

7. She meows alot. Which, on all accounts, is about the least sexy thing you can do. Ever.

Alright, be alert... unless you want to end up like Casey.

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