December 4, 2009

United States in good position for the World Cup

UPDATE: The United States will take on England on June 12 in their World Cup opener. This is the first time the two have faced off since 1950 when the Americans upset the British 1-0. That's not the first time they upset them, anyone remember the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812? Yeah we owned them.

One of the most exciting days in soccer has happened, the World Cup 2010 Draw and the United States looks like it got a pretty nice pool of teams to play against. The World Cup starts with pool play, with the top two teams in their respective group advancing to the second round or "knockout" round of play. Here's what it looks like for the US.


England - No. 9
United States - No. 14
Algeria - No. 28
Slovenia - No. 33

The US lost in a friendly match to England 2-0 in 2008 but you can't take a whole lot from that. Also factor in that England tends to choke sometimes and with the improved play of America lately, you've got to think that maybe the US has a shot. Either way they should be able to defeat Algeria and Slovenia meaning that they would advance to the knockout round.

The main thing is they avoided a "Group of Death" which basically means two highly ranked teams in the same group. That's very good.

If they don't advance... that would just be disappointing.

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