December 31, 2009

Why the Vandals won the game

So if you missed it last night (and you shouldn't because ESPN shoved it down your throat during SportsCenter), the Idaho Vandals grabbed the nation's attention with a miracle 43-42 victory over Bowling Green in the Humanitarian Bowl.

The biggest thrill being Idaho's touchdown with just a few ticks left on the clock and then head coach Robb Akey's decision to go for two instead of just tying it up. Gutsy, but probably not the smartest call, he should have just taken the extra point and gone for the win in overtime. However, since he converted the 2-point try, he got the praise and a center place on SportsCenter.

But maybe that's what he wanted all the time. I'm thinking that Akey was caught up in the emotion of the thing, said be damned to overtime since there's nothing to play for after the Bowl game and thought that the two-point conversation. However, what if he had enough foresight to realize the kind of game his team was playing in (a very entertaining game on ESPN) and that a converted two-point conversion would be a nice centerpiece play for the program?

Remember Boise St. vs. Oklahoma and the Statue of Liberty play?

Sure it was a risk, but if Idaho converts the two-point, it becomes the talk of the sports nation for a while. If Idaho failed to make the two-point, they'd still be talked about. That means exposure. That means better recruiting. Instead of being a footnote bowl, Akey made this game something to think about.

And if recruits are thinking about it, than that's a good thing.

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  1. Gutsy call and the right thing to do. Remember how many catches and touchdowns Freddie Barnes had? Idaho's defense was not going to stop anyone.