January 11, 2010

Big shocker here... Mark McGwire did steroids

Did anyone doubt this after his testimony before congress about steroids in baseball? Heck did anyone completely believe he was clean when he was smashing home runs for the Cardinals? Now overweight sports writers will call him all sorts of names and talk about the purity of the sport while they make a burger run down to Wendy's. Fantastic, can't wait to see what Skip Bayless has to say.

(By the way if you're still a McGwire fan, buy his jersey here. )

Here's other ground-shattering things that you might not know either:

1. The earth is round.
2. The tooth fairy does not exist (sorry Dwayne and your failing movie career)
3. The moon is not made out of cheese.
4. Carlos Silva is not good at baseball.

So if you want to verbally berate Mark McGwire, please don't do it around me because I don't feel like listening. Although, will all this stuff coming out, should Barry Bonds be demonized as much as he has been? Just a thought.

1 comment:

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